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Jason Risley

For Buyers: I help people find undervalued properties for living and investment. I utilize appraisers and appraisal software to find the very top 3 percent of deals on the market that fit the objectives of my client. I used to work for KPMG and use my analytical background to help my buyers purchase the best deals!

For Sellers: I have a very extensive marketing plan unique to each home to make sure you get top dollar for your property. In today's world, you need a listing agent that utilizes social media (sponsored ads and organic) in order to maximize results and generate foot traffic for your home.

I'm a realtor, but my niche is finding the very best deals on the market through more of an analytical perspective. My degree is in accounting and I formerly worked for KPMG LLP and this helps me in taking a much different approach than that of the typical realtor. I work with appraisers and utilize appraisal software so that we are only looking at top 3%. While I find what my client is looking for, I also try to help them find the best of the best in terms of deals. For instance, if I have a client looking to buy in Newport Beach, there might be 100 houses for sale, and some of them are overpriced, some are priced right, and some are priced too low. Out of the ones priced too low, I try to find the top 5-8 and look at those with my client in person. A lot of times, they are $50,000 or $60,000 undervalued which leads to instant equity or improving someone's net worth right away.
It is my job to either find that perfect home for you and your family, or to help you sell your current home quickly, smoothly and at market value or above. To accomplish those goals I need to first understand your dreams and goals. Next I need to develop the right marketing plan if you are selling your home, or define the perfect home if you seek your dream home.

For Sellers, I will design the perfect marketing strategy to meet your financial and schedule goals. I will then implement the plan for the successful completion of the sale of your home. Once the home is in contract, I and my extended support associates will work hard to keep the escrow on track and running smoothly.  After Escrow closes I will be there for any further questions or assistance you may have.
For Buyers, we will meet and discuss your vision of the perfect dream home for you that meets your budget. Once we know what you are looking for we then discuss the ‘where’ aspect of the search. Once we are all in agreement on Features, Price and Location, the hunt begins! I will be there to guide you through the possibilities until we find the perfect home. Once in escrow, I will fight for you to make sure the escrow goes smoothly and cost effectively as practical until the day I hand you the keys to your new dream home.
Please call me at 949-929-1575 to begin the journey together!


Jason Risley,  DRE # 01755580

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"Jason Risley is an expert in real estate. He has helped me in the negotiation process and I successfully bought the house that is...
- Nikki Nguyen


25950 Acero, Suite 100
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

DRE# 01755580 / 02143235

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