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  • "Jason Risley is an expert in real estate. He has helped me in the negotiation process and I successfully bought the house that is right for me. I have been looking in the past 2 years with different real estate agents with no progress, until I found Jason. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He will guide you through the process, and you can trust him. Jason will answer all your questions and address your concern during the buying and negotiation process. He is very patient and he makes the buying process stress free for me. Jason is very hard working and he will accommodate his time to meet with you and speak to you in detail on major and minor discourses. I recommend Jason Risley. You will have a good business partnership with him and be able to find your dream home."

    Name: Nikki Nguyen

  • "We are so grateful and bless that Jason Risley was our realtor. Jason, thank you so much for your patience and guidance, and for helping us find our first home that we love. We are so fortunate to work with you. It was a peace of mind going on vacation during the whole process because you were on top of it. You are truly a fabulous person, and excellent Realtor. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all your hard work on our behalf!

    Now, we could continue with the wedding planning!!

    We would love to work with you in the future ad recommend you to our family and friends.


    Monica & Alex"
    Name: Monica Ochoa

  • "Jason provided excellent service at all phases of the purchase. He demonstrated his knowledge of the OC housing market throughout the process. Further, his superior negotiation skills resulted in a significant price savings for us. He was very responsive to our questions throughout the process and he kept is informed of what was going on during escrow."
    Name: Thomas Currier

  • "If you are looking for a professional, courteous, hardworking, dedicated agent, then ask for no other than Jason Risley. He goes above and beyond to help his clients! Jason helped me to find such a wonderful home for my family after a long search. Very grateful for his knowledge and experience."

    Name: Mary Farsi

  • "Jason was extremely reliable and knowledgeable. I loved the fact that he gave an honest opinion on property's and listed other options when he knew something wasn't for us. He listened to my wants and needs for the property we were looking for and was always available to show us the properties we chose. I honestly dont know what we would have done without him. I'll be suggesting his services for anyone looking to buy or see a home.
    Name: Alisha Ramani

  • "Jason has exceptional negotiation skills, connection to top lenders, and strong industry knowledge. He projects and delivers confidence in real estate transaction. We strongly recommend Jason for anyone looking to buy or sell in SoCal."
    Name: Jon Primrose

  • "Jason was a great asset as we purchased our first home. Professional, courteous, friendly, and, above all, good at what he does. He helped us feel comfortable as we navigated the home buying process, including getting it all done within a short escrow period. Jason knows the trends in the market and is extremely knowledgeable of the Orange County area."
    Name: Zach Cooper

  • "We were coming from CO in Fall of 2013. I had made a few trips out on my own and Jason devoted as much time as I needed to look at many, many homes in three different cities. When we for sure knew we would be moving and were in escrow on our CO home, we had only four days to find one. We settled on a home in San Clemente. The time Jason had previously spent with me laid the groundwork, for us to be able make an informed decision and quickly. Because we were in a hurry, we were willing to pay much more for the house, but Jason was a savvy negotiator and ended up saving us $20,000 as a result. We were so grateful because we really needed it to bring our new home up to speed. Jason is always professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and only offers an opinion if asked. Jason is a CPA, so has an accounting mind and understands all of the financial ins and outs of investing in property. Jason also handled the reams of paperwork efficiently and in a very timely manner. We are currently using Jason as our realtor as we prepare to invest in 4-5 properties, and we have the utmost confidence in his abilities."
    Name: Connie Harrison

  • "I bought a bank owned home through Jason. His ability to negotiate with the bank and navigate delays and paper work issues was critical to our successful purchase. I was so satisfied with his work on our behalf I have had all my relatives make their home or investment purchases through Jason."
    Name: Steve Anderson

  • "Jason went well above and beyond in getting my condo sold. I moved to NYC and needed someone I could trust to handle things in Covina. We had some trouble getting buyers to commit and when an opportunity came that looked good Jason leveraged his network to find someone who could work on getting the condo FHA approved. The road to selling my property was long and Jason made it happen."
    Name: Heather Evans

  • "I have been buying properties in California for the past 35 years and have worked with many Realtors and agents. Hands down, Jason Risley has been the best. In December of this past year, my wife and I worked with Jason to purchase a bank owned foreclosure in Orange County Ca. Jason's knowledge of real estate, local market, and sales trends coupled with his experience in the banking industry and financing options was key to a successful purchase. His ability to cut through red tape or handle issues as they occurred dramatically reduced the buyer's stress and anxiety that can be associated with complex transactions of this nature. I found in Jason an expert communicator, savvy negotiator and a man of integrity. He managed all the parties involved and the myriad of details which led to a close of escrow as promised. I firmly believe Jason played a large role in enabling us to purchase this property well below market rate."
    Name: Steve Anderson Mission Viejo, CA

  • "There is no need to look for another Real Estate Agent, because Jason Risley is the best I have ever met! I recently purchased a home that Jason found in a very difficult seller’s market, and I went up against 17 other offers some better than mine. I was very surprised when Jason told me my offer was accepted, so I contacted the listing agent and thanked her for selecting my offer. She told me the thanks belongs to my Agent, because they were convinced by Jason and his ability to make the sale happen. Jason is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have never found such a hard working, caring, organized and dependable Real Estate Agent as Jason Risley."
    Name: Gregg McNelley / San Clemente, CA

  • "You will not regret working with Jason to find, buy, or sell your home. He has handled a number of transactions for me and has not disappointed me once. He is professional, knowledgeable, and honest. A particular strength of his, is Jason works well with all types of personalities. In the business he is in, that is critical to consummating a deal. Jason also has a tremendous work ethic. He returns messages promptly and makes himself available to the client on the client's time, not his time. Jason's personality comes with no "baggage." You will like working with Jason. He is a stand up guy beyond being great at what he does."
    Name: Jeff Sebek / Irvine, CA

  • “Jason helped my wife and I make our first home purchase an easy process. His professional experience, knowledge of the sales cycle, and easy accessibility made selecting the right property, escrow and closing an easy progression. Buying a first home is an exciting process for any family; Jason maintained a good balance of sharing his expertise yet not making us feel pressured toward any decisions. We are comfortably settled into our new home and look forward to working with Jason again in the future.”
    Name: Joel Griffith / Dana Point, CA

  • “Throughout my life I have been very fortunate to surround myself with experts that have helped me make investment decision in the stock market and a few years ago I found myself needing that same level of expertise in the real estate market. The most important characteristic I look for is that I can trust that this person will look after my investment just as if it was his or her own. I also need to know that this individual understand the market and can bring me opportunities that match my requirements and capabilities. I am proud to say that Jason Risley has exceeded my expectations in these areas.
    Over the past 2 years Jason has identified and closed two perfect properties for me and my family. He first helped us find and close on a Bank owned property, which isn't easy, in Costa Mesa for my two oldest sons which has turned out to be a great investment and just a few weeks ago he located a perfect condo in Santa Ana for my youngest son who is getting married on June 15th. As parents we're ecstatic that we we're able to help our boys get started in a home of their own and Jason made it happen. If you find yourself in a similar situation I highly recommend giving Jason a call. He's a man with integrity and will always do what's best for you and your family."
    Name: David Schafer / Irvine, CA

  • "Thank you so much for helping us find and buy our dream home. We can't thank you enough for making a stressful process such a pleasant experience. We are very greatful for all the quality advice you gave us and the knowledge you imparted on us. We will definitely be giving your information to all our friends and we will be coming back to you when we out grow this home. Again, thank you for everything."
    Name: Cameron & Brittney Burns / Foothill Ranch, CA

  • “Purchasing a home for the first time can be a stressful undertaking, but Jason helped us focus on the important details. We are now in home in a perfect location that is just what we were looking for. Jason faithfully helped us narrow down the choices, finding the right place for us in this season of life. Making the complexities of the home-buying process understandable to us, he was able to guide us through, avoiding costly mistakes. He helped us find something we could afford and will enjoy for years. We highly recommend Jason Risley, a detailed, reliable, personable and professional real estate agent.”
    Name: Knowlton & Lisa Shore / Mission Viejo, CA

  • "Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you put into looking for and finding the best house for me. You looked at so many homes and narrowed the search down to only a few of the best houses. I feel that I got the best house and I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks again, I will enthusiastically recommend you as the realtor to work with for anyone looking for a home. Thank you!"
    Name: Daniel S. Franson, DDS

  • “I must say that from the first phone conversation I had with you, I felt that you stood out from the rest. Thanks for all your due diligence. I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who may be looking for an efficient realtor.”
    Name: Jay Daewar / Laguna Niguel, CA

  • “Jason Risley KNOWS Orange County real estate, where it’s been and, more importantly, where it is headed. Jason also cares and is concerned to know and clearly understand his client’s real estate needs and desires. He took significant time to learn and relate to our family’s objectives for finding the best residence to meet our extended family needs, and in the process he was able to offer us a wide variety of housing locations and options to help solidify in our minds (and his) where and what we were really after and could afford, appropriately calibrating us for the Orange County real estate market. He helped us find the best residential solution in a great location, negotiate a fair price within our means, and arrange beneficial alternative financing that made it all possible. The search and escrow processes had some inevitable bumps along the way, but Jason was there with us to help smooth out the rough spots before, during and even AFTER close of escrow. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his caring and reassuring professionalism, and we cannot recommend Jason highly enough to anyone requiring top quality real estate assistance in Orange County.”
    Name: Jerry & Beth Tucker / Garrett & Cindy Hume Families / Laguna Hills, CA

  • This is the third time we've used Jason - first to buy a condo, then later to sell it and buy a single family home.
    Jason was endlessly patient with us as we looked at homes and neighborhoods, offering thoughtful feedback and insight without ever being pushy. He was very dependable, on time, sent paperwork when he said he would, did everything accurately, returned phone calls. He was also a great resource for us for all manner of service professionals, from mortgage brokers, inspectors, handymen, painters, etc., all of whom met the same high standards that we always received from Jason.
    He's genuinely friendly, and considering you'll spend many nights and weekends together, that was a big plus. He helped us navigate the timing and logistical challenges of selling and buying at the same time, and guided us through both negotiations. In the end, we found a house that far exceeded our expectations and sold our property over our list price. We always felt that Jason was an advocate and teammate for us and we couldn't be happier with the results.
    Name: Matt & Reba / Lake Forest, CA

  • "Having never been through the process of buying a home, I was a bit cautious about the whole thing, unsure of who's opinions to trust and how to best move forward. Jason made himself readily available to me at each and every point in the process. He did his best to understand my wants and needs, and helped me discern the best option based on what I was looking for. I was grateful for his guidance in this process, and his ability to focus on what would be best for me."
    Name: Jennifer Moody / Santa Ana, CA

  • Jason met everyone one of my fiance's and my expectations during the home buying process. Recently moving into the neighborhood, I quickly learned that he was extremely knowledgable about the area. He was quick to find places to view in the area we were looking in and coached us through the negotiation process. The quality I like about Jason the most was his upfront honesty and pragmatic approach. As most people know, the house buying process can be emotional and it was great to have Jason as a sounding board with each potential house. I highly recommend Jason for anyone who is looking for a new home.
    Name: Pamela Bonas / Costa Mesa, CA

  • "Full disclosure, I am a long time friend of Jason's from long before his real estate business. However, due to that friendship, I was very aware of his business and I expected a lot of him. He did not disappoint. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of detailed questions that Jason answered promptly and directly. He helped navigate potential pitfalls and find the right home for my family and I. Specifically, I appreciated Jason's analytical approach. As a buyer, you provide more than enough emotion into the process, so Jason's calm analytical background was instrumental in helping us consider all variables and make a choice we're very happy with."
    Name: Brandon Gill

  • "I have used several realtors before Jason however, Jason beats them all. If you are looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable and quick response professional that's him. Definitely, our next house will be purchased through Jason. A well rounded realtor.."
    Name: Olu Ilori

  • "I have bought and sold homes in past and have worked with different realtors, Jason's Honesty and professionalism are un matched I highly recommend him."
    Name: John Lehnis

  • "Jason has been the most helpful and friendly person I have had the pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable with the market and always has my best interest in mind. He is extremely hard working and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. His professionalism, experience, personality makes everything very easy and enjoyable."
    Name: Mike McMorrow / Lake Forest, CA

  • "I have known Jason now for 4 or 5 years. First, as a fellow basketball player, who quickly became a friend, and then as a consultant and our real estate agent. I highly recommend him as all four... basketball team member, friend, consultant, and agent! It is funny to compare but his drive, teamwork, competitive knowledge on a basketball court, transfers and relates to his abilities and teamwork as a real estate agent. He helped my family navigate some bumpy terrain a few years back; with really no upside for himself, and treated us like his number one client! I am incredibly thankful for his selfless help and understanding, and admire his work ethic and his always upbeat disposition! Again, I highly recommend Jason Risley to anyone considering purchasing or selling a home, especially in Orange County. His patience is one of his best qualities as well as his knowledge of how to get things done properly, and succinctly! I look forward to my next transaction with Jason, and know he is our go to guy for real estate. He makes our 'team' stronger!"
    Name: Frank Howa / Mission Viejo, CA

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Jason on the closing of one of his listings and his level of attention to detail was amazing. Not only is Jason extremely professional and knowledgeable, his background in accounting clearly ensures that his clients are represented by someone who is accurate, efficient, and prepared. From beginning to end, Jason was actively involved in every part of the process to ensure this deal closed on time and without any disruption to his client’s day to day life. If you’re buying or selling a home, Jason is someone you need to speak with."
    Name: Journey Brennan / Ladera Ranch, CA

  • "Jason Risley is highly recommended! We enjoyed working with him so much! We love our home! It is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work! Your professionalism and enthusiasm exceeded our expectations! Thank you for being the best agent ever! We are so grateful for all the help during the process of purchasing our home!"
    Name: Rhianna J. Franson

  • "Jason helped us to purchase our first home. We were literally clueless about the home buying process and had some very complicated tax and property transfer issues. We needed his expert guidance with these before we could make a purchase. He was so patient with us while we searched for our dream home. We sought second opinions, and waffled between buying and waiting for the perfect moment to purchase our first home. We first tried another agent but felt pressured to hurry up and make a decision which we weren't ready to do just yet. We needed more tax advice and the agent we started with made lots of guarantees. When we researched his claims, we found that a lot of what he was saying was made up just to encourage us to hurry up and buy. We would have lost a lot of money and possibly faced serious tax consequences if we had followed the other agent's advice. This is when we found Jason through a friend's recommendation. Jason is so knowledgeable about all the tax and financial implications of purchasing and transferring properties. He thoroughly laid out all the possible scenarios but always encouraged us to get second opinions and often clearly explained he was not qualified to advise us in certain areas. Jason simply shared what he knew which turned out to be far more than most of the professional "second opinions" we paid for advice. He has provided us with endless referrals for everything from financial advisors and property managers, to handymen and house cleaners. Once we finally decided to purchase a home, Jason was so available! We felt like he worked solely for us. He was available and eager to take our calls and emails 24/7 during this process which was both scary and exciting for us! We were a bit of a headache at times but Jason made us feel like every question and concern was the most important thing to him. We were in a bidding war against someone else for our dream home. Jason wisely suggested the exact number to win us the bid. We even discovered that he was in the middle of escrow on multiple houses while we were purchasing ours but we never would have known it by the level of service he provided. Even once escrow closed, and we had moved in, Jason continued to be a huge support for us. We discovered the termite company hired by the sellers did not do an adequate job repairing wood rot and the company was being very difficult. Jason didn't waste a minute going to bat for us by letting the company know that unless the work was done to our full satisfaction, he would warn all his future clients not to use this company. He also involved the sellers' agent who spoke up to the termite company. Jason really helped us to get the best deal on an amazing house while never making us feel pressured or hurried. He spent many months patiently guiding us and showing us countless properties long before we even decided if we were ready to purchase. We would recommend Jason to anyone! He is smart, friendly, patient and really knows how to get things done the right way! We can't say enough about our experience with him. We are convinced he is the best there is!"
    Name: PJ & Kristen Raines / Mission Viejo, CA


"Jason Risley is an expert in real estate. He has helped me in the negotiation process and I successfully bought the house that is...
- Nikki Nguyen


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